Gather facts & details about influential figures in Black History 


Review & reflect on their life, challenges & accomplishments


Observe their impact on the world today. Obtain an appreciation for their contribution


Walk empowered & encouraged knowing your history 

Throughout the month of February, each week we will focus on four types of contributions to our community.


We will focus on influential Black figures who have contributed amazing things to our community and impacted it for the better.

Out of the figures we highlight each week - we spotlight two individuals and look more closely at their life and legacy.

How You Can Participate:

  1. Watch our social media. Each day of the week we will post a featured figure and their contribution to Black history.

  2. Grab our corresponding weekly G.R.O.W Guides - focusing on two spotlight figures

    • Guides include an introduction page to the historical figure, activity pages, coloring pages, and printable flashcards

    • $3 each or $12 for the whole month! 

    • Once the G.R.O.W Guides are published you will be able to access the individual product pages below.

  3. Watch our Seed of Melanin Kids! YouTube video - focusing on two spotlight figures

  4. Grab the FREE G.R.O.W Printable Scrap-Booklet to track all of the featured figures for the month BELOW.

  5. Take pictures, post on your social media, and tag @seedofmelanin to help others G.R.O.W and learn more about lesser-known figures of Black History.

Discover G.R.O.W Weeks below or Visit the G.R.O.W Celebration Page!


educator week

Learn about significant figures in Black History and their contributions as educators and scholars in our community!


inventor week

Learn about some of the lesser-known inventors and creators in Black History and how we use their products today!


entrepreneur week 

Learn about some of the business savvy owners and creators in Black History, how they generated wealth, and their lasting legacies!


leader week

There are all types of leaders. End the month strong learning about powerful leaders in Black History - what it means to be a leader and the impact you can have on the community around you!