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Celebrate Kwanzaa with Us!

We Celebrate Kwanzaa Book & Coloring Book! 

Complete with definitions and pronunciations of Swahili words used during Kwanzaa, We Celebrate Kwanzaa! is the perfect resource to learn and practice Kwanzaa in a fun and straightforward way!

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Kwanzaa Stickers

Celebrate Unity, Empowerment, and Inspiration with our exclusive Kwanzaa Stickers! They are waterproof and removable residue-free stickers.

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Kwanzaa Brain Break!

Have fun celebrating Kwanzaa with our Kwanzaa Run video! Catch all of the candles and the kinara to celebrate if you can!

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Kwanzaa for Kids Video

Join us for Seed of Melanin School 🏫 as we learn about the African American tradition of Kwanzaa.

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Learn Kwanzaa Principles!

Watch our Kwanzaa Principles series on YouTube! Each video focuses on a different day and pricinple. 

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Kwanzaa Vibes for Kids Spotify Playlist

Check out our 7 favorite songs to get kids in the Kwanzaa vibe!

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