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Immerse yourself in the festive cheer with our Melanin Christmas Stickers, featuring 13 high-quality glossy stickers that bring the magic of the season to life. Each set includes lively illustrations of elves, Santa, and a heartwarming family message.


Crafted from premium glossy water-resistant sticker paper, these stickers not only capture the holiday spirit but also boast resilience against water exposure. Their water-resistant nature ensures durability, making them suitable for a variety of surfaces. Plus, these stickers can be removed without leaving any residue behind, allowing you to enjoy the festive decor without any aftermath.


The vivid illustrations showcase charming elves and jolly Santas, adding a unique touch to your holiday decorations. Each character stands at least 2 1/2 inches tall, making them prominent and eye-catching.


Whether you're sprucing up your space for the holidays or seeking delightful stocking stuffers, our Melanin Christmas Stickers are the ideal choice.


Key Features:
- Set of 13 high-quality glossy stickers
- Premium Glossy Water-resistant Sticker Paper
- Vivid illustrations featuring elves and Santa
- Removable residue-free
- All characters are at least 2 1/2 inches tall


Get ready to infuse your surroundings with holiday magic using these enchanting and vibrant Melanin Christmas Stickers!




ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this image is strictly prohibited. None of the designs/Illustrations may be reproduced, resold, or used for promotional/social media use without written consent from the artist ©️Seed of Melanin, LLC

Melanin Christmas Stickers


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