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Seed of Melanin

Empowered Parenting

We created Seed of Melanin to be a guiding force in our community. 

It is imperative to inspire our children to develop a sense of pride and

creativity where they know they can be or do anything. 

Our children are seeds that need nurturing and nutrients to thrive.

At Seed of Melanin, we want to help to ensure that you are an

Empowered Parent by providing those nutrients.

As Empowered Parents, we:

  • Uplift our children

  • Make learning fun

  • Believe imagination is key to development 

  • Surround them with positive imagery

There are numerous fun ways to encourage learning through play and family-focused activities.


We strive to curate unique and fun educational items on a diverse range of topics in a way that provides representation for our children.

Look through our site, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and let's create the next generation of greatness together! 

Donte & Anjoli Hill

Parents & Owners of Seed of Melanin

Family with Tablet
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