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How to Raise More Independent Kids in 5 Easy to Follow Steps

Looking to equip your child with those essential life skills that transform them from tiny little tots into fully functional adults one day?

It all starts with instilling independence, bit by bit, as they are ready.

This is the approach that's been working well for our family as our once a toddler daughter seems to be becoming a big kid right before our eyes.

STEP #1 Recognize Where They Are

Let your child know they're capable of much more!

Before you begin to implement new opportunities for them to tackle, show your appreciation for all the tasks they've been handling flawlessly.

They'll be feeling like a big kid already! 💪🏿

STEP #2 Get Them on Board

Now that they're feeling confident, it's a great time to think of new responsibilities they can handle.

Together as a family, think about the flow of the household and what tasks need to be completed each week.

Which tasks appeal to them? Are there any

tasks they would like to learn more about?

Prioritize which tasks are most important as

well as which will need more guidance to master.

STEP #3 Spend Some Time

Ready to help with that new responsibility? Great!

Here's come the hard work: teaching and modeling best practices.

This will add additional time to your already busy week, but it's helpful in the long run to set aside this time to work through any questions and see your child in action.

STEP #4 Give Them Choices

This step exists outside of chores or household tasks.

Will it be tacos for dinner or spaghetti? Small choices like these are great for your self-sufficient child.

Not only is it interesting to see their personality flourish but allowing kids to make age-relevant choices encourages independent thinking.

Giving growing kiddos choices teaches them critical thinking skills and gives them a sense of having some control in their lives.

STEP #5 Encourage, Encourage, Encourage

Encouragement builds courageous kids!

When mistakes or failures arise, redirect any disappointment and use these opportunities to discuss other ways to fix the issue.

Encourage your child they may just not be able to do it yet and that in due time they CAN do hard things.

Final Thoughts

Raising an independent child can be an exciting discovery process for the whole family. Focus on approaching it as a learning process of ups and downs with plenty of love and lots of encouragement.

Don't forget to throw in a little patience as well! 😉

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